TED Weekends explores the truth about medical studies

Originally posted on TED Blog:

Photo: James Duncan Davidson

Photo: James Duncan Davidson

At TEDMED 2012, Ben Goldacre shared a startlingreality: that doctors are not able to read all the studies conducted on a pharmaceutical before prescribing it to their patients. [ted_talkteaser id=1575]This is because of a bias in medical research toward positive results – while one study confirming a drug’s effectiveness may be published, the results of other studies may simply be unavailable. Goldacre warns that about half of all drug trial result are buried – and this is across all medical fields – and thus doctors are left hugely uninformed even as they reach for their prescription pads.

This week’s TEDWeekendsontheHuffingtonPost explores Ben Goldacre’s talk on the truth about medical research. Below, find a selection of essays to pique your interest:

Ben Goldacre: We Need to See Pharma’s Failures

TED can sometimes portray science in triumphalist tones, with fabulous innovations…

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